Establishment of Research Centre of Mesozoic Volcanic Geology in the Yandangshan UGGp

On May 29, 2020, the Management Committee of Yandangshan UNESCO Global Geopark and Nanjing Centre of China Geological Survey signed a cooperation agreement on establishing a Research Centre of Mesozoic Volcanic Geology in Yandangshan UGGp. The objective of this cooperation is to conduct series of detailed research, using geological heritage resources of the Yandangshan Mountain. It also aims carrying out comparative studies with other regions on the origin and evolution of volcanic intrusive complex, its magmatic and eruption processes and impact on ecological environment.

The Yandangshan is located in the continental margin of East Asia. It is typical an area of Mesozoic gigantic volcanic belt along the west Pacific coast, with diversified volcanic rocks and volcanic landforms of global significance. The establishment of this Research Centre will enhance the scientific research capability of the Yandangshan UGGp as well as effective utilization of the resources. It will improve the protection and sustainable uses of geological heritage and popularization of geosciences. 

Nanjing Centre of China Geological Survey organizes and coordinates geological survey, scientific research in East China and provides information services to other institutions. It is strong in volcanic geology research. The Centre has an efficient and passionate research team and has a history of 60 years. 

This cooperation, was an outcome of promoting more scientific research in geoparks of volcanic areas, from the Forum of Geoparks of Volcanic Areas of China, which held two workshops in 2015 and 2018 respectively.

Qinfei Lu
Yandangshan UNESCO Global Geopark, China

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