The 2nd APGN Geoparks Week

Dear colleagues,

We launched the First APGN Geoparks Week last year in a very difficult situation. Even so, many geoparks celebrated the APGN fair in various possible ways. One year later, we are in a more optimistic situation. We have more experiences in fighting against the Covid-19 and better knowledge for protecting our communities. Meanwhile, we are eager to have our daily life normalized. For the Second APGN Geoparks Week, we may hope to be more enthusiastic in celebrating earth heritage, demonstrating UGGp’s resilience, boosting our confidence, and preparing for the World After.
Some Geoparks have already started planning their activities and coordinating events for the week. More Geoparks are expected to take action soon. For a successful APGN Geoparks Week!

Xiaochi, Ibrahim, and Setsuya

We encourage our members to celebrate the second APGN Geoparks Week in various possible ways that fit well the actual situation of their geoparks at this moment. Probable Activities may be but not limited to

  • Celebrating the Earth Day
  • Promotion of Geoparks
  • Interaction among sister Geoparks
  • Interaction among Geoparks with similar/same kinds of geoheritage
  • Lectures in Geopark schools
  • Geohazards mitigation education/demonstration
  • Geoheritage interpretation; E-classroom
  • Cultural and intangible heritage demonstration
  • SDGs of APGN Members
  • … …

The idea is to:

  • let more people to know the UGGp philosophy
  • demonstrate the synergy of geological, cultural, historical and intangible heritage of Geoparks
  • make local people more proud of their hometown
  • increase the momentum of sustainable development of local communities

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