The First Regional Conference on Asia Pacific Geoparks & Dialogue 2007

This is a news archive on he First Regional Conference on Asia Pacific Geoparks & Business Dialogue 2007 “Networking between National Geoparks” at Bernama’s site.

  • Malaysia to Lead Asia Pacific Geopark Network
    LANGKAWI, Nov 15 (Bernama) — The Langkawi Geopark has been unanimously voted by 20 countries to lead the Asia-Pacific Geopark Network, said Unesco Expert Group and Global Geopark Network (GGN) Bureau member Prof Datuk Dr Ibrahim Komoo at the closing of GGN’s First Regional Conference at the Mahsuri International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIEC) here today.
  • Asia-Pacific Countries on Right Track On Geoparks
    LANGKAWI, Nov 15 (Bernama) — Asia-Pacific countries are on the right track in establishing their own geopark network that could be on par with Europe’s.
  • Langkawi Geopark Should Become International Benchmark
    LANGKAWI, Nov 15 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hopes to see the Langkawi Geopark become an international benchmark for best initiatives in conservation, and socio-economic and infrastructural development.
  • Langkawi’s Geopark Status to Attract More Tourists
    LANGKAWI, Nov 14 (Bernama) — The number of annual visitors to the legendary island of Langkawi is expected to double from the current two million tourists with the rebranding of the island into a geopark or Langkawi Geopark, says the general manager of Langkawi Development Authority (LADA), Datuk Kamarulzaman Abdul Ghani.
  • Langkawi Oriental Village Upgraded for GGN
    LANGKAWI, Nov 14 (Bernama) — Langkawi’s Oriental Village is being upgraded with additional facilities and improved services in line with the island being part of the Global Geopark Network (GGN).
  • Langkawi Geopark Status a Boost for Island’s Economy
    LANGKAWI, Nov 14 (Bernama) — The listing of Langkawi Geopark on the list of the UNESCO’s world geoparks is opening up new opportunities for those involved in the island’s tourism sector, says the general manager of the Langkawi Development Authority LADA) Datuk Kamarulzaman Abdul Ghani.
  • Sabahans to Benefit if Mount Kinabalu Joins Geopark Network
    LANGKAWI, Nov 13 (Bernama) — Communities living in the vicinity of Mount Kinabalu are likely to enjoy socio-economic benefits if the mountain, Malaysia’s tallest, joins the Global Geopark Network.
  • Malaysia a Top Choice to Lead Asia-Pacific Geoparks Network
    LANGKAWI, Nov 13 (Bernama) — Malaysia is a hot favourite to lead the Asia-Pacific geoparks network that will be set up during the inaugural Regional Conference on Asia-Pacific Geoparks and Business Dialogue 2007.
  • Conference Likely to See Emergence of Asia-Pacific Geoparks Network
    LANGKAWI, Nov 12 (Bernama) — An Asia-Pacific geoparks network is likely to be an outcome of the three-day Regional Conference on Asia-Pacific Geoparks and Business Dialogue 2007 beginning here tomorrow which will see the participation of countries of the region interested in conserving their respective geoparks.
  • Geopark Experts to Meet In Langkawi Next Week
    KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 8 (Bernama) — Geoscience experts will converge on Langkawi, Kedah, for three days from Tuesday to discuss and exchange ideas on the sustainable use and management of geoparks.

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