Knowledge Sharing Workshop for Geopark Managers

Knowledge Sharing Workshop for Geopark Managers

“Learning together with GGN Partners”


Date: 27 May 2014 – 2 June 2014


Japanese Geoparks Network and China Geoparks Network as coordinated by Hong Kong Global Geopark of China and supported by the Asia Pacific Geoparks Network.


To meet the needs of the geopark managers within the region, a series of workshops on geopark planning, management and science-popularisation activities is being organized. These workshops would provide insights into geopark operations from the perspective of the Global Geoparks Network and benefit members of the Asian Pacific Geoparks Network in the advancement of the geopark concept through further co-operation in areas such as planning, management and science-popularisation.


Representative from Global Geopark Bureau, Dr. Marie L Frey has kindly agreed to facilitate these workshops.



  • 1st Stop: 27 May 2014 -29 May 2014 Itoigawa Global Geopark and Tokyo
  • 2nd Stop: 29 May 2014- 31 May 2014 Yanqing Global Geopark and University of Geosciences, Beijing
  • 3rd Stop: 31 May 2014 – 2 June 2014 Hong Kong Global Geopark

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