CONFERENCE  4-7 June 2015, Huanjiang, Guangxi, China


South China Karst (SCK) is a serial world natural heritage site nominated and submitted by Chinese Government to the World Heritage Committee, UNESCO. The Phase I property, inscribed on the World Heritage List on the 31st session of the World Heritage Committee, comprises three internationally acclaimed areas such as Shilin Karst in Yunnan, Libo Karst in Guizhou and Wulong Karst in Chongqing. The additionally nominated sites for the Phase II includes specifically selected areas comprising Guilin Karst in Guangxi, Shibing Karst in Guizhou, Jinfoshan Karst in Chongqing, and Huanjiang Karst in Guangxi, all of which were inscribed in 2014. Fantastic natural conditions of humid subtropical karst together with rich biodiversity make the Huanjiang Karst so vital and active that it has been considered to possess an outstanding universal values from both scientific (geological / geomorphic) and aesthetic points of view. The Huanjiang site is a direct extension of the Libo Karst Property of the SCK Phase I, and displays various types of numerous cone karst (Fengsong and Fenglin) shown by its pristine condition and valued as one of the outstanding representative SCK sites. Contrary to serious rock desertification in other karst parts in China, the geoheritage values of the Huanjiang Karst become more obvious and its management for proper protection becomes necessary and required. Traditional relationship with minority people is an important part of Huanjiang, and the relationship between natural karst and the culture and tradition of minority people have gained growing recognition and respect among local communities. It is believed that the Huanjiang Karst not only belongs to Guangxi and to China, but also to the world. We believe that our responsibility to conserve, educate and utilize this wonderful geoheritage site as well as other geoheritage sites in other protected areas in the world will be thoroughly communicated by this First International Conference on Geoheritage. All the geoheritage experts from all over the world will be welcomed and will share with us the beautiful karst landscape.


In order to understand various geoheritage activities in the world, to strengthen geoheritage-related activities in IUCN WCPA, and to promote the geoheritage and cultural values of the Huanjiang Karst site internationally, IUCN WCPA Geoheritage Specialist Group (GSG), and State Engineering Technology Institute for Karst Desertification Control (SETIKDC) with the cooperative assistance from World Natural Heritage Management Bureau of Huanjiang Maonan Autonomous County and Geographical Society of Guizhou Province will host the 1st International Conference on Geoheritage. The conference will take place in Huanjiang Maonan Autonomous County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, from 4 June to 7 June 2015. The conference comprises 2 presentation and discussion on geoheritages for two days, one day visit to the Huanjiang Karst Site in SCK Phase II, and one day post-conference fieldtrip to the Guilin Karst Site. This conference is the first international conference, organized by IUCN WCPA GSG, on geoheritage protection, management and sustainable development in protected areas such as world heritage sites, geoparks and other protected areas. It will be a good opportunity to share insights and experiences with colleagues in the area of geological heritage. As a result, the Organizing Committee, on behalf of GSG, and SETIKDC, sincerely would like to invite you, your colleagues and others who have been involved in all aspects of geoheritages to participate in this conference.


IUCN WCPA Geoheritage Specialist Group
State Engineering Technology Institute for Karst Desertification Control


World Natural Heritage Manegement Bureau of Huanjiang Maonan Autonomous County
Geographical Society of Guizhou Province


Conservation and Management Coordination Committee for South China Karst World Natural Heritage
IAG Redbed and Danxia Geomorphology Working Group
Institute of Karst Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
Institute of South China Karst, Guizhou Normal University
Committee on Speleology, Geological Society of China
Institute of Subtropical Agricultural Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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