Book Release: Hong Kong Geopark Food Map

Hong Kong Geopark is located in the northeast part of Hong Kong. It is a single entity, covering all the geo-areas and geo-sites within it, as well as the geopark communities, which are closely tied to the geo-areas through culture and livelihood.

Unlike geological park, the UNESCO Global Geoparks should focus not only on geological and geomorphological conservation; they should also enhance socio-economic development in the local community. To this end, Hong Kong Geopark has been working as a facilitator to assist local restaurants to create some geological dishes for visitors, to promote interest in the geopark, enrich the visitor experience, and boost the local economy. In addition to traditional Hakka dishes in the northeast district, there are a variety of popular dishes available in other parts of the Hong Kong Geopark.

A guidebook entitled “Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark – Food Map” has been prepared to promote “community ownership” and the local products of HKGP. We seek to tell the story of the local communities and their culture through the food they serve.

food map1

Please visit the link below and explore the story behind every bite!

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