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5th Asia Pacific Geopark Network (APGN) 2017
September 19th-23rd 2017

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Hong Kong Geopark is located in the northeast part of Hong Kong. It is a single entity, covering all the geo-areas and geo-sites within it, as well as the geopark communities, which are closely tied to the geo-areas through culture and livelihood.
Unlike geological park, the UNESCO Global Geoparks should focus not only on geological and geomorphological conservation; they should also enhance socio-economic development in the local community. To this end, Hong Kong Geopark has been working as a facilitator to assist local restaurants to create some geological dishes for visitors, …

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Eisenwurzen UNESCO Global Geopark
Carnic Alps UNESCO Global Geopark
Ore of the Alps UNESCO Global Geopark


Araripe UNESCO Global Geopark …

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More than 20 experts from the Northeastern Research Institute of Petrified Wood & Mineral Resources, Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University, Thailand, visited Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark of China (Hong Kong Global Geopark) from 22 to 25 March 2016. Escorted by our Recommended Geopark Guides (R2Gs), the group toured several geo-areas in the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region and Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region. On 23 March, they joined a talk on the development and management of UNESCO global geoparks, organised by Hong Kong Global Geopark. The session was also attended by geopark …

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A representative of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark of China was invited to visit four Japanese geoparks – Itoigawa UNESCO Global Geopark, Unzen Volcanic Area UNESCO Global Geopark, Aso UNESCO Global Gepoark and Oki Island UNESCO Global Geopark – for the Asia Pacific Geoparks Network (APGN) Forum 2016 from 2 to 9 April 2016. During the visit, the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark representative shared our insights on local engagement, regional networking, the development and promotion of sustainable geotourism, and science popularization in a UNESCO Global Geopark with the locals …